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Christmas Lights that will WOW your Neighbours

We have been lighting up neighbourhoods for 9 years now and can’t wait to get the season going. Our festive designs, courteous staff, and professional installations will make you the envy of your neighbours. We have a number of packages and styles to choose from and offer a free design consultation for all jobs. Whether it be commercial or residential we have the skills to get the job done on time and surpass your expectations.  

We look forward to planning your winter wonderland! Merry Christmas!

Cities we Serve

  • GTA
  • Toronto
  • Thornhill
  • Richmondhill
  • Oshawa
  • Scarborough
  • Woodbridge
  • City of Markham
  • Bowmanville
  • Pickering
  • Courtice
  • Ajax
  • Kleinberg
  • Maple
  • Stouffville
  • Goodwood
  • Town of Newmarket
  • Port perry
  • Etobicoke
  • Town of Aurora
  • Nobleton
  • Town of East Gwillimbury
  • Town of Georgina
  • Township of King
  • City of Vaughan

Start the Holiday Season Early with Festive Christmas Lights


How It Works

The Christmas Light Installation Process

Pledge to our Customers

We assure our customers the highest level of service and professionalism. We have an intelligent, professional and respectful staff, strong management and a clean appearance. We promise and deliver reliability!

Christmas Lights installations that will brighten up you home or business


The Pricing Guide

Our most popular package

Labour Only Package

Includes roof line and up to 3 small tree (up to 9 ft tall), or shrubs

Customer to provide all lights, extension cords, timers etc.

1 Story Homes

2 Story Homes

How It Works

Here at we’ve built our reputation on high-quality work, at fair prices. Which means we only hire passionate, experienced individuals and use the highest quality, commercial-grade lights. We believe in our product so much, that we even offer a 3-Year Warranty on all purchases you make with us. This includes the: Lights, Light Clips, Extension cords, and Timers.

We do allow you to provide your own lights for the installation however we cannot guarantee the quality, and therefore No Warranty will be offered.

If you choose to purchase lights from us directly, all bulbs are individually removable making replacements easy and hassle free. Comparatively – the lights from retailers, should a single bulb go out, the entire strand would need replacing.

We carry WARM WHITE and MULTICOLOURED lights.Check out the GALLERY to see our past work!

Please do not hesitate to call and speak with one of our specialists, by providing a photo of the front of your home, they can assist with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our pricing and materials.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to provide your own lights, you must be able to send a photo of the lights to our staff(prior to installation date) so we can ensure it will not change the price and to ensure all necessary equipment and supplies are accounted for.

Neat and Careful Take-Down:

Taking down the lights and decorations at the end of the season takes roughly half the time as it does to put them up, therefore, we charge 50% of the labour portion of your set up price for take-down.


Labour cost for install 200$

Material cost for install 300$

Labour cost for take down in January 100$

Some people do choose to leave the lights up year-round however we do not guarantee them year-to-year as overtime rain, wind, ice, and sun will take its toll on them.

We take them down carefully, wined them up nicely, and store them in the boxes or bins you provide for easy and convenient storage. (Or we can provide bins for $30 each, if you prefer.)

Tree Wraps:

Trees under 12 ft:  $10 per foot of tree height

Trees over 12 ft: $12 per foot of tree height

Additional Options:

Lights along side roof lines: $69 per side per level

Figurine and decoration set up: $50 per person/per hour (1 hour minimum)

Check out our work in this

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Our Work

Lights We Carry

50 Warm White Wide Angle LED Mini Lights on Brown Wire

Our brown wire 50 light LED Christmas lights with ultra bright Warm White LED bulbs on 6″ centers making each string 25′ long and are prefect for decorating in areas the require brown cord.  Because these strings have non removable LED’s this eliminate failures from loose, broken or removed bulbs making these commercial grade LED Christmas lights very durable, long lasting and extremely energy efficient. Each string also is full wave rectified which eliminates any flickering while making these brown wire LED Christmas lights brighter than ordinary warm white LED mini Lights. Each LED uses a patented concave design making these LED viewable from all angles. .  Energy Star qualified and UL Listed for indoor and outdoor use.  Connect up to 43 strings end-to-end.


  • 50 Warm White LED’s 5 mm
  • 22 Gauge Brown Wire
  • Commerical Grade with Non-Removable Bulbs
  • Full Wave Rectification Technology-No Flickering
  • Concave Design-Wide Viewing Angle
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • Length: 25′ Long with 6″ Bulb Spacing
  • Watts: 4.8 watts per string
  • Connect up to 43 strings
  • Built in Rectifier, No Special Adapter Needed
  • If a Bulb Burns Out the Rest Remain Lit
  • UL Listed Indoor/Outdoor


Our all-in-one clips provide a secure hold for each bulb and directs all the bulbs in a uniform formation. These clips also come UV Protected.

25 Pack of Warm White C9 LED Bulbs, E17 Base

The greatest feature of these bulbs is that each one is replaceable unlike the store-bought lights which the entire strand or half the strand will stop working all at once. These bulbs in a warm-white colour resemble the same colouring as the classic glass incandescent bulbs used in the past. These however are more durable, last longer, and use far less electricity.


  • Super Bright Diamond Faceted Design
  • 50,000 Bulb Life
  • Utilizes 2 Ultra-Bright SMD LED Technology
  • Diamond Prism creates an even distribution of light
  • Bright from Tip to Base
  • 360 Degree Viewing angle
  • Durable Polycarbonate Construction
  • Dimmable
  • Fit E17 Intermediate Base Sockets
  • 8 Watts
  • 0067 Amps
  • 120v 60Hz
  • Nickel Plated
  • 3 Season Warranty
  • UL Listed for Indoor and Outdoor Use 


Our socket stringers come in white which match most eavestroughs better than the classic dark green colour. A great benefit of these is that instead of having to hide extra length in the gutters after we reach the end of the house we are able to custom cut these strands to match your house perfectly. This saves you money of materials and also is safer that having wires run through your gutters.

Christmas Lights that are both stunning and affordable


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you price your projects?

It’s easy, just go to our pricing guide page and choose a package based on the size of your home. Then just call us speak with one of our quote specialists who can walk you through pricing and also cost of materials. Most installations take a few hours. You can pay us when the job is done and you are satisfied. An important fact to remember is that we’ll work within any budget, as our success is based partially on our service-oriented flexibility. If the cost is acceptable, we’ll schedule a time to take care of the work.

Once you pick out a package we can always add more lights, wreaths, garlands or figurines. Just let our Project Manager know when the staff arrives and he/she can provide you with ideas, suggestions and a total amount before the crew starts the job.

Do you take the lights down at the end of the season?

Yes. We begin taking lights down on January 2nd and continue to do so through the third week of January. We also organize your supplies in bins so that you can easily access them the following year. You pay the take-down fee when the crew shows up to take the lights down.

Is your work guaranteed?

100%. Our success depends on your satisfaction, and we’ll make changes if you desire them. We are interested in building long-lasting customer relationships, and will gladly provide references per your request.

What if my lights fall down?

Even though our experienced staff will make sure that everything is secure as best as possible the first time, there are things that can happen to lights for a variety of reasons, including wind, rain and other unforeseen circumstances.

If this occurs, our professional staff will return up to two times to re-hang and/or secure the lights quickly and efficiently free of charge.

What if my lights stop working?

If we provided the lights, we will service them 100% no matter what the issue might be.
If you purchased your own lights, there will be a fee of $80 per hr with a minimum of 1 hour for bulb, fuse replacement and/or trouble shooting.

Do you provide lights and supplies, or will you hang and use mine?

We can do either. If we are going to use your lights and supplies, we ask that you have enough to complete the job, the strands are not tangled and all of the lights work when we arrive to put your display together.

We’ll work with your existing extension cords, timers, etc., but will happily provide ours for a fee if you need them.

Please take into consideration that lights purchased from us come with a 3-season guarantee and are brighter than local store-bought lights. If you choose to use your own lights then we cannot guarantee their performance.

Why should I use your service instead of someone else’s?

You should work with Christmas Lighting because we have a legion of loyal and long-standing customers. We pride ourselves on our ability to make your display stand out among the rest, and our professional team will make sure that your display is tasteful, decorative and properly maintained.

We also provide lights that are longer lasting and brighter than what you can buy in local stores.

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Throughout the months of October – January, Christmas Lighting is available 7 days a week. Just give us a call, or send us an email and we will find times that work for you to install, and take down your holiday lights. When working with us, you can rest assured a reliable and professional team is working on your property.

Phone #: (905) 758 – 8988

Note: it is important you include your address when sending us a message as it will allow our quote specialist to pull the google street-view up of your home so they can be more helpful and accurate in quoting your job.

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